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 NFO Builder 2000

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PostSubject: NFO Builder 2000   Sat 28 Dec 2013, 3:02 pm

NFO Builder 2000 1.02 (portable)

Draw Text and Symbols in a file without moving anything

This Application is meant to create NFO's; Text files that you can see as a readme file
with special characters that don't display well in NotePad.
For several releases I wanted to make NFO's. I started in NotePad, but to get all the characters/symbols
is hard there and if you want to create some rectangled blocks... You have to fill everythng till end with spaces.

NFO Builder 2000 works like a Paint Application. It gives every space in the file a spot and you can fill each spot without moving that line.
You can also select some symbols and just draw with it, easy as that. It has some bugs here and there, but The purpose to draw text
and symbols is great. To make a NFO file, I use both NotePad and NFO Builder.
NotePad when you need to move/delete a whole line (as in NFO Builder the whole file won't move up),
And NFO Builder when you want to draw text/symbols in between a line, without moving the other text.
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NFO Builder 2000
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