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 Audio Edit Magic

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PostSubject: Audio Edit Magic   Wed 01 Jan 2014, 9:28 pm

Audio Edit Magic

A Tool for Recording and Editing Audio, I use v9.2

This software is no shareware, you have to buy it (if you don't know how to get it for free).

It gives the user the possibility to record any sound that you can hear from your speakers, BUT:
You need to have a full duplex SoundCard to be able to record audio.

Go to Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording, or use the Volume Control at right bottom of Desktop.

Rightclick, use both options to show all devices.
Enable Stereo Mix to record Sound from your Speakers.
If you want you can also set it as Default Device. This way Stereo Mix will popup as first option when you want to record something.
Use Stereo Mix Properties' Levels tab to set the default recording volume of the Device, to prevent cracky audio from very loud sources.

If all this worked you should be able to use Audio Edit Magic to record speaker sound.
Open Audio Edit Magic, choose Record From Sound Card and set Device to Stereo Mix, if not set already.
After pressing the Record Button, it will save any audio that go to the speakers, till you stop it.
I use this to record the mod music from applications, so I make them .mp3 and playable in normal Media Players on the Pc.

Another option is Editing audio files (not all extensions possible, convert if not accepted).
I mainly use this to:
- fix the episode's audio of my Argaï Project (mixing different versions of same audio to complete 1 undamaged episode) and;
- to edit music tracks if they're long and I can cut them shorter to my liking (loops that are repeated too much or text that can be cut out).

It offers many effects to change the audio, I use some basic ones that help me with the goal of my projects. The most important ones are:
Cut/Copy/Paste, Fade In/ Fade out, Delete Section, Silence.
Sometimes I use Stretch to make certain parts longer or shorter without cutting anything,
or use an effect to make it sound like you hear it from behind doors or from telephone etc.

It's quite easy to use, I'll update this with a picture sometime to support the working interface and some of the visuals and options.
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Audio Edit Magic
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