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 C#: DataExplorer

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PostSubject: C#: DataExplorer   Thu 09 Jan 2014, 9:45 am

DataExplorer Application

This application is still WIP (Work In Progress).
My goal with this application (besides using new components in programming for learning) is to ask for summaries of directories on harddrives.
With this app you can make the directories as databases which holds files with info.
Based on what you search, the final Panel will give answers and summaries based on the collected details.
So far I've added the options to search for:
> files of any type that are bigger than x Unit (e.g. KB, MB, GB), where you can enter a value between 0-999;
> specific extensions on which you can filter (of any size) and the summary will count the total size of those extensions in current directory or all subdirectories.

Whatever you select, for now it doesn't do anything. It loads the Directory with all fles in it, but the way to get where I want is already there.
A big problem I have with this software is that after you select a DriveLetter, it will load all the directories on it, so it may take very long depending on the drive.
I'm trying to find a solution that makes sure it loads only the first directory on drive (which should be very fast) and load next ones after you select a directory to expand.
I also have to add the summary window and as you can see o nthe image, I've only added the total filesize in MB, I have to add rules for counting with KB or GB files in directory.

Will be updated when I have newer version!
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C#: DataExplorer
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