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 Google Sketchup: Ferris Wheel Cabin

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PostSubject: Google Sketchup: Ferris Wheel Cabin   Sun 16 Feb 2014, 10:16 pm

A quite simple model of a cabin that can be used for a Ferris Wheel.
It's my own custom design, made up while creating it.
It has fitting textures, a gate to close the Cabin, a bench and a 'trashcan' at each side, 3D Text on the back of the Cabin saying: "Enjoy The Ride 48"
& the Structure to attach it to a Ferris Wheel. I've tried this in a new Project, but animating it as it should be wasn't easy/possible...
I can still try to fix this later, so I can add a picture of that as well.

For this model I also made a simple animation: Close and open the gate by moving the lock to the side, swing the gate, swing back and close the lock.
I'll add that later when I've made a short Movie of it.

Sample Screen of the Model:

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Google Sketchup: Ferris Wheel Cabin
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