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 FL Studio 9 XXL Producer Edition

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PostSubject: FL Studio 9 XXL Producer Edition   Mon 17 Feb 2014, 8:23 am

FL Studio 9 XXL Producer Edition

Create your own digital melodies and music tracks using the keyboard!

Using FL Studio you can select/load instruments and play notes on your keyboard (Green and Blue blocks).
In the Piano Roll you can put notes and resize them to make the note duration shorter/longer, if the instruments supports holding down the key.
You can build a song by creating everything from start to end on 1 pattern, but you can also make it pattern based,
which means you make a small part on a pattern and reuse that part several times in the track (See the yellow blocks in the picture).
You have many options to change default effects. I don't use many advanced effects; the melody is more important and effects are just nice to change the sound a bit.
The basic effects are changing volume over time (for 1 long note or for each note individually), change pan (left/right speaker sound output) and pitch (make the note(s) sound higher or lower).
Many instruments have more options to change the sound, you can add them to the effect panel and change the value over time, as you can see on the picture (Red blocks and purple bars to the right).
You're able to make many different styles with it, but I'm quite a starter and basically made trance music in it.
Almost all my projects can be found here.
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FL Studio 9 XXL Producer Edition
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