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 SubTitle Edit 3.0

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PostSubject: SubTitle Edit 3.0   Tue 18 Mar 2014, 8:58 am

SubTitle Edit 3.0 Portable
Software to create and edit Subtitles

This is the software I use to create subtitles or edit them when I download subtitles that don't fit or contain mistakes.
No need to install, this is a portable version that uses VLC media Player to be able to work with most video files.

Entering Lines:
When starting with an empty subtitle, add a line and enter text. You can change the time by selecting it and type the value in the start time box,
but you can also use the arrows up and down next to the start time and duration box to add 100ms.
During conversations, text will follow up fast, so you can rightclick on a line and choose insert after.
This will add a line after the selected one with 200ms difference. Change the starttime, check it, enter the text, experiment with duration by playing the movie and done!

There's a button to add a line at the exact video position, this is handy when there's no need to add lines for quite some time.
After adding it to the position, often you're just too late, change the sync by using the down arrow (-100ms each time)
and use the Play from just before text button to check if it appears correctly.

Other options I have to use:

Synchronization -> Adjust all times (show earlier/later).
When the subtitle fits the movie, but it starts too early or late, use this option to change the times of all lines at once
by entering the value of time that needs to change and to add or remove it from each line.

Tools -> Start numbering from...
Sometimes when I need to make simple changes, I just use Notepad.
I can get the problem of mixing up index numbers. When you have the same index number twice or more, it just shows one of them during the movie.
So you need to change all values correctly in whole file. This option can help with that, just start by 1 and it'll repair the whole file.
In some cases I split up a subtitle file, so then use the number that comes after the last number of part 1. Wink
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SubTitle Edit 3.0
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