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 Argaï SubTitle Converter

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PostSubject: Argaï SubTitle Converter   Tue 25 Aug 2015, 12:43 pm

Argaï SubTitle Converter

Here you can download my SubTitle Converter Application!
Took me a few years, but finally it has been released!
This software pack should help saving many hours exporting created subtitles to different dubs.
"It's not about "converting" extensions, like .srt, to another extension like .sub etc, or translating the subtitles in any way."

So what does it do?
Long version:
Subtitles are created for 1 episode:
When we want to sync it to another spoken language,
the timing is different, needs to be changed throughout the subtitle + on different locations lines
need to be added or removed, as dubs decide where they want some extra spoken lines to fill backgrounds.
Well, if that's done and we translate that original subtitle in a few other languages...
We have to do all this work again for each translation!
The idea is simple: Just do this work once, note the changes (apart from timing changes) and put it in a script.
Every translation can then be exported the same way in a few clicks, using that script. Easy? I hope so. Smile
1 liner:
Only 1 subtitle of an episode has to be synced and adapted to the new dub, any translation following can be exported in a few clicks.

Check it out, you can always ask the creator for help or more explanation if you don't (fully) understand it.
You can reply in this thread (or contact me elsewhere) to mention possible bugs, new ideas or anything else related to this software or its tools.

Bugs found after latest release:


Current SubTitle Converter version: #20171006#
> Package Contents: SubTitle Converter Software (Latest Version), Readme (Also included in the Software itself).
> Download: dropbox.com/s/599xqoy7b2ufw8a/Arga%C3%AF%20SubTitle%20Converter.rar
Current BackDoorScript Package version: ?20150317?
> Package Contents: MainFile with connected BDS files, seperate created BDS files for per-dubbed-episode conversion.
> Download: dropbox.com/s/cq0290c1fjv622k/BDS-Pack.rar

Watch the SubTitle Project Tutorial Movie (1080p, 19:31) to see what you can do and how to use the software/tools (basics):

Below you can see my Converter with most of its Windows, updated with the latest screens.

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Argaï SubTitle Converter
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