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PostSubject: MicroMusic   Mon 23 Dec 2013, 4:05 pm


A.K.A Mod Music, Chip(tune)Music, KeyGen Music (Keygens, Patches or Cracks)

This is a very special style of music. When I first met it a very long time ago, I immediately liked it.
You keep running a Keygen for a long time, just to enjoy the music. Years and years I've been downloading
those 'illegal' things just to gather nice music.
When I find Songs I like, I record them with Audio Edit Magic.
That software is able to record audio using the Stereo Mix device from SoundCard (You need a full duplex SoundCard for that)
and it can also edit audio with basic effects.
I mainly use Copy/Cut/Paste, Fade In and Out to smoothly finish a track that keeps looping and Amplify to increase/decrease the Volume.
After that I save the tracks & give them their Tags:
> Original artist, title, releaseyear etc, but in case I couldn't find that:
> The name of keygen/patch/crack as music title; the releaser (cracker) as Artist; release year as music year etc.

Listen to MicroMusic
As GrooveShark has been shutdown and there wasn't any public service alike, I moved to my very own Google Drive!
You can find all my recorded and shared tracks here: MicroMusic Collection
It has some different 'PlayLists' in which you can vary with the Styles.
I have:
Action - Dark, Heavy or faster tracks.
Cool Tracks - Pure MicroMusic Style with awesome Melodies.
Happy Tracks - Happy Melodies that should give you a Happy Feeling.
Known Tunes - (Parts of) Melodies that are Famous and made in MicroMusic Style.
LOL Songs - Funny or Weird Melodies.
OtherMicroStylez - Imitation of other Genres, made in MicroMusic Style.
Soft Tunes - Slow, Soft Melodies, compared to other Playlists.

I've made a small mix on YouTube of some Cool Tracks I had at that time, where 15 minutes was max duration.

Demo of Cool

Demo of OtherMicroStylez (Trance)

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