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 Far Cry 2 Map Editor Projects

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PostSubject: Far Cry 2 Map Editor Projects   Mon 23 Dec 2013, 7:01 pm

Far Cry 2

A First Person Shooter Game which also has the option to build your own Maps with a Map Editor.
I took my chance and started working with it.
I've made a simple picture-based movie of my Maps (old version of Pyramid) and wanted to ever record them while flying through.
Most Maps are based on 1 Object I used to build the Map or Object I wanted. This way I build some Maps which can be destroyed almost totally.
Have some imagination, time and skills, get this [1080p]:

I have a Project of the Pirates Map where I filmed in the Map, showing the area's and options. I hope I can release it someday.
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Far Cry 2 Map Editor Projects
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