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 C#: NFO Viewer

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PostSubject: C#: NFO Viewer   Mon 23 Dec 2013, 9:28 pm

Argaï NFO Viewer

Made in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (C# WinForms)

I wanted to create my own NFO Viewers. At first I tried to manipulate NFO Viewers from other people, but it wasn't easy.
I gave up and decided to make them myself! Just for this purpose I started to study C# and exploring Visual Studio.
In a few weeks I already got a nice app, that just had some big bugs to be fixed.
The niveau of programming was quite experienced, so it's not recommended for starters.

The ones I've made so far are dedicated to the French Argaï - The Prophecy (2000) Series I'm fixing, so I themed them that way.
As it has 26 episodes, I want to make 26 different designs.

To download any Designs I've made of this app (Download SubTitles): Google SpreadSheet Doc

I made an article on codeproject where I explain what I did and what the goal of each part is, for those who want to make something like this. Very Happy
Screenshot of (Final) v1.4:

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C#: NFO Viewer
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