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 Producing Music

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PostSubject: Producing Music   Thu 26 Dec 2013, 12:22 am

Producing Music using Fruit Loop Studio

Created with FL Studio 9 XXL Producer Edition + Instrument Packs

I started creating music somewhere in 2007. It were just simple testtunes, as most people do when they first try to make music.
In the meantime I've created some trance tracks that are pretty good. It's not professional, I just use the basic way to create tracks.
Simple patterns, I just think of a short melody and the rest will be added randomly when I try to create that melody into a track.
I didn't have much time for it. As I got many more hobbies I've quit producing music, although when I have a good idea I know how to make it and I can do that.
Not in a professional way, but in hobbyformat: Just the melody with instruments to fill it up, no professional soundeffects etc.

Below many of the Tracks I've made during my producing time (1080p):

Simple (Test)Projects:


Better Track Projects (A-Z):
'Happy 2009' was my first production, purely made with basic FL Studio instruments. 'Lost Gold' followed with some Instrument Packages and melody tests.
'Alone' is my last real Production...

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Producing Music
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