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 VbScript: AutoInstall Applications

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PostSubject: VbScript: AutoInstall Applications   Fri 27 Dec 2013, 9:56 am

Automatic Installation Script (Virtual DJ 5.0)

Created using Visual Basic Script Language (NotePad)

Quite some time ago I had a lot of problems in my pc/laptop, that forced me to reinstall my system often.
When you reinstall that, you also need to install all your software again. It always takes the same steps and I got tired of it.
Due to this situation I started to look for some possibilities to automate this.
Command / SilentInstall were no options, as they didn't change the values I wanted to be changed, they take the default installer value.
Finally I found Visual Basic Script, which can do most actions like you do manually on your system.
Open a notepad file, add the commands necessary with breaks between them and save the notepad file as either .wsf or .vbs,
so the system can run it as a command file instead of text file (.txt).

This is what I call 'indirect scripting', you try to copy the manual actions and do this using a script.
This means it needs the windows active on foreground before interacting with it, or it fails.
If you use 'direct scripting', you use the commands directly on the window, even if it's in the background,
+ you don't need to use buttons (Press Add Person by ALT + Arrow DOWN + DOWN + Enter) and type in the fields to add things, for example:
(Type: Employee + Tab, Person Number: 1 + Tab, Name: DemoName + Tab + Enter [Ok button]), but rather use Window.Add(Employee, 1, DemoName), which is faster and has small/no chance to fail;

I've made one Project for YouTube which uses this Direct Scripting to add users to an active directory ('Person Database').

I've made a few scriptinstallers and Uploaded 1 demo to YouTube that shows what happens when you create such a script and I explain most of the lines.
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VbScript: AutoInstall Applications
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